Electrical Installation Condition (EIC) Reports

Whether you’re putting your home on the market or own commercial premises for your business, you’ll need to have an up-to-date Electrical Installation Condition (EIC) Report. This tells prospective homebuyers and the relevant authorities that your electrical system is safe and up to standard. If you’re based in South London, Surrey or a surrounding area, Steel Electrical can assess your property and draw up your EIC Report affordably and reliably.

EIC Reports for domestic properties

When buying or selling a home, the EIC Report offers a full review of the electrical system so that both parties can be sure that the property is safe and does not pose any risks in terms of electrical fires or shocks. Prospective homebuyers often request EIC Reports and electrical safety certificates to be produced before they commit to making a move on a home. They can also be recommended by a mortgage lender or surveyor, so that they can be sure that the property’s electrics are safe and up to standard before contracts are signed.

The reports show that, if a fault in the electrics were to occur, the consumer unit would trip and cut power, removing any risk of shock or burns to the homeowner and other residents.

Here at Steel Electrical, we understand the importance of making sure both the buyer and vendor are clear about the condition of the property’s electrical system. We will carry out a full assessment and, if any electrical risks are identified, we will provide a free, no-obligation quotation for the work so that both parties will know what the necessary costs involved are.

We can carry out thorough electrical tests in any area of South London or Surrey. The cost will depend on the number of rooms in the property, and how many circuits there are in the consumer unit. Feel free to contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.

EIC Reports for businesses

Businesses need to get their EIC Reports updated on a regular basis to show that their office or commercial building is safe for employees, visitors and anyone else in the vicinity. They demonstrate that the building’s electrics comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act.

If the commercial property is affected by a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, its EIC Report will need to be redone, as this may have damaged or changed some of the electrics.

Just like with domestic properties, the EIC Reports show that, in the case of an electrical fault, the system would trip and cut power immediately, without risk of shock or burns.

The cost of your report depends on the size of your business premises and the number of circuits within each consumer unit. A basic report usually covers up to seven circuits.

If you need an EIC Report for your home or commercial space in South London, Surrey or a surrounding area, contact us at Steel Electrical today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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